Fresh From the Farm Gift Set

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  • Qty per Case: 5
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    (L) 13" x (W) 10" x (H) 7"
  • Case Pack Weight: 23 lbs
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Introducing a fun popcorn-themed twist on a classic gift set! The Fresh from the Farm Popcorn Gift Set is now available in 3 options.  Choose to feature the corn kernels inside by leaving the lid blank, or have us add an insert about fresh popcorn or the holidays that will inspire warm feelings of everyone's favorite snack.

Nestled inside a classic red & white gift box is a sampling of 3 delicious “fresh from the farm” gourmet popping corns. Over the top is a full color graphic displaying popcorn buzz words: Buttery, Popcorn, Fresh, Scrumptious, Popcorn, Hot and Fluffy, or the Holiday Edition featuring: Believe, Ho Ho Ho, Peace, Blessings, Jolly, Jingle, and Love. Wanting it to look a little more Classic?  Not to worry, leave it insert free and highlight the 3 great varieties of popcorn kernels inside.

Perfect for those new to stove top popping or simply looking for a variety of options. This gift set is attractively packaged and displayed for convenient gift giving.

Included are three 1-lb bags of gourmet popping corns; Tender & White, Big & Yellow and Flavorful Medley.

Each 1-lb bag of popping corn makes approximately 4 batches of great tasting popcorn in the Whirley Pop.
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