Dinner Jar of Kernels-28oz.

SKU: 42528

HS Code: 1005.90.4049

Origin Country: USA

  • UPC: 019669014525
  • Qty per Case: 6
  • Freight Class: 60
  • Case Pack Dimensions:
    (L) 11.50" x (W) 6.50" x (H) 8"
  • Case Pack Weight: 13 lbs
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Introduce a playful twist to your customers' pantry staples with our 30oz. "Popcorn Dinner" Jar – a lighthearted take on quick and easy meal solutions. This generously sized jar, filled to the brim with high-quality, non-GMO popcorn kernels, is perfect for those nights when simplicity is key, or when a movie marathon calls for a classic snack.

The "Popcorn Dinner" Jar is as practical as it is fun, with its sturdy design, easy-to-screw lid ensuring freshness, and transparent walls that showcase the natural beauty of the whole kernels inside. The bold blue label with the tongue-in-cheek "Don't Judge..." message is sure to bring a smile, while also offering an unspoken nod to everyone's secret love for an unconventional dinner choice.

This jar isn't just for popcorn lovers; it's for anyone who enjoys a bit of humor in their daily routine. It's an excellent conversation starter and a perfect gift for college students, busy professionals, or anyone who relishes a light-hearted approach to dining.

Offering the 30oz. "Popcorn Dinner" Jar on your wholesale platform provides a quirky, yet practical option for your customers. It's an invitation to indulge in the simple pleasure of popping a fresh batch of popcorn, whether it's part of a meal, a snack, or the centerpiece of a cozy night in. Stock this item on your shelves and let your customers know that it's okay to enjoy popcorn for dinner – no judgement here!

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