Movie Reel - 3 Seasoning Trio (3 oz)

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Elevate your customers' snacking game with our Popcorn Seasoning Trio Pack. This set is a flavor sensation, combining the timeless appeal of Movie Theater Style, the creamy tang of Creamy Ranch, and the zesty bite of Dill Pickle in one convenient package.

Each trio pack comes in a bold and bright film-reel-shaped container that's sure to catch the eye of any snack enthusiast. It's an homage to the classic cinema experience with a modern twist. Inside, the seasonings are presented in separate compartments, ensuring flavors stay distinct and are easy to dispense.

Movie Theater Style: For the traditionalists out there, this seasoning brings the authentic taste of the cinema to your living room. It's a buttery, savory flavor with just the right amount of saltiness.

Creamy Ranch: Perfect for those who prefer a creamy, herb-infused taste, this ranch seasoning adds a rich, tangy layer to the popcorn that's utterly addictive.

Dill Pickle: This one is for the adventurous palates. The dill pickle seasoning offers a unique, tangy flavor that combines the sourness of pickle with the fresh taste of dill for a truly distinctive snack.

Ideal for movie nights, gifts, or for anyone looking to experiment with their popcorn flavors, this Popcorn Seasoning Trio Pack is a must-have. Offer your customers the chance to mix and match these top-selling flavors and turn a simple bowl of popcorn into a gourmet treat.

Stock this trio pack on your wholesale platform, and let the snacking aficionados revel in the opportunity to customize their perfect bowl of popcorn with our trio of best-selling flavors.

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