Summer Vacation

For kids, summer means no school for three months. For their parents, it means keeping youngsters entertained for three months. You can help with a springtime or summer promotion that promises a fun-filled summer for parents and their kids. 

Create a display targeted at children with a colorful sign that reads, "A Kid's Culinary Adventure". Under the sign, merchandise all of the items you carry that would get kids interested in cooking. Your stove-top and outdoor popcorn poppers should feature prominently in this display. Highlight a different culinary adventure each week. One week could be campfire cookouts, during which you promote your outdoor popcorn poppers, pint-size picnic supplies, etc. Another week, you could focus on rainy-day activities like making movie theater-style popcorn with a stove-top popper and making and wrapping popcorn balls. Print up activity sheets for each week. List the supplies needed, such as popcorn poppers, and provide the recipes for each week. 

Include nutritional information, when possible. Parents will be pleased to know that our poppers can pop six quarts of popcorn in as little as a teaspoon of oil. Stress that your culinary adventures are meant to be family affairs, and that all cooking and popcorn popping should take place with parental supervision. Invite customers to share their favorite culinary adventures by placing a suggestion box in your display. 

Let customers know that at summer's end, you and your staff will choose the best activity/recipe submitted as the winning adventure for the summer. Reward the winning family by presenting them with a collection of gourmet popcorn or a Popcorn Popper Gift Set.

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