Topping Bars

Popcorn Bars are an easy way to have great snacks at low price.  With birthday parties, graduation openhouses, and weddings happening during the spring and summer, it is great to have all the necessary ingredients on hand.  Below is a guide that can be handed out to customers who are interested in hosting their own popcorn bar!

Guide for Creating a Fabulous Popcorn Bar for Your next Event


1. Label each flavor


Make sure your guests know what flavors of popcorn they're selecting by labeling each container. Your labels can be as simple as a handwritten piece of paper or as elegant and dramatic as printed labels on cardstock with craft paper accents.


2. Provide scoops


Be sure to provide scoops for each container, or flavor, so your guests can dish out their favorite flavors of popcorn without having to wait forever for the person in front of them to give up the scoop!


3. Provide containers to fill


Make sure you have something for your guests to put their popcorn in! There are tons of neat containers available right here on our website! Find a look that is uniquely you!


4. Keep your popcorn covered


Keep your popcorn containers covered as much as possible, especially in humid climates. Popcorn absorbs moisture from the air and loses its crispness that we all love so much.


5. Always have extra


It's better to have a little extra popcorn that you can munch on later than to run out at the event and not have enough for all of your guests. A full table is also much more exciting and appealing to the eye.


6. Have someone to refill containers


Ask one of your relatives/friends to keep an eye on the popcorn bar and refill serving containers when they begin to run low.


7. Be creative!


Most importantly, be creative when it comes to your popcorn bar! Your popcorn bar can really make your event POP! No matter what theme or color scheme you choose for your popcorn bar, be over the top with your creativity.

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