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Freshly popped popcorn is a comforting thing on a cold, blustery day, especially when accompanied by cup of hot chocolate. This can be a very appealing way to sample your gourmet popcorn and stove-top poppers. The smells from the popper are as seductive as freshly baked bread. Pull'em in with the aroma of freshly popped corn and show them how quick and simple the popping process is. This will leave each customer walking away with everything needed to create a popcorn movie night at home! The cost of popping corn in your store is minimal, just check out our NEW Demo Kit.

Promoting a family movie night at home is even easier if your stores offers more than just a kitchen or gourmet foods department. If you have an electronics department in your store, host the demonstration in there. Here you will be accessing customers that may not have been shopping in gourmet foods but is looking for a new flat screen TV or movie to watch with the kids that weekend!

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