Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting works as another great opportunity for selling popcorn & poppers. There are numbers of great opportunities in your area:

1) Call up a local Real Estate, Mortgage or Finance Company.  They are always looking for a nice, unique and reasonably priced housewarming gift for their clients at closing. 

2) Work with a Electronics store in your area. The trend in electronics today are Home Theater Systems. Offer a deal where they can give the popper as an incentive for their customers to buy the systems or as a give away after they buy. Pitch it as you now have the Theater system to make movie watching at home as if you were at the movies and now you can have that same popcorn at home, made in a popper designed like a movie theater popper. 

3) Any Business looking for gifts for Christmas, Award Programs or Anniversary for their employees, can be offered the popper as a unique, fun gift for the whole family, after all who doesn't like popcorn.

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